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An opportunity for national unity
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It has been well said that there is a divinity that shapes our end. God, working in His mysterious way saw the great divide right down the middle between the two dominant racial and ethnic population of our land, worked His wonders in the way of and has proffered the means whereby the leaders of the UNC and PNM have come together to consider the intricacies of power sharing in helping to solve the impasse that exists.

This is a consummation devoutly to be wished, a golden opportunity, a real and rare opening to help perpetuate and foster much-needed national unity.

This power sharing principle will, in a great measure, bring about better understanding, tolerance, patience, harmony and unification in the racial and ethnic situation that exists. It is definitely worth serious consideration and trying.

However, as has been already stated and quite rightly so that to prevent a stalemate, a tie in future elections, there must be an odd number of constituencies and some form of proportional representation. I entertain great hopes that compromise, give and take, and good sense will prevail. The country waits with bated breath.

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Of evil forces
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An opportunity for national unity
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