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About the President and Panday
In Response To: Question For Paul ()

You are missing the fact that President Robinson was nominated for that post by BASDEO PANDAY (for his own nefarious reasons) and if PANDAY now has a problem with how the President makes decisions then he (PANDAY) has to take responsibility for Mr Robinson being President and how he chooses to make decisions.

Mr Robinson does not share my moral and spiritual values and although I may disagree with his values he is entitled to his own.

Also, since both leaders AGREED to abide by whomsoever he picked then it is an exercise in futility to be debating Mr Robinson's moral and spiritual values after the fact. UNC and BASDEO PANDAY should have deliberated on his values before they nominated him for President.

I am not going to cloud the real issues we are discussing by giving my personal feelings of the President.

As I said, BASDEO PANDAY made an agreement and he should be taken to task for making a stupid deal. If you and other UNC supporters do not like the President today then it was UNC/BASDEO PANDAY who made him President.

People have to learn to stop deflecting blame when they make poor choices. That is the lesson that leaders should send to the children.

Even if I did sympathize with Panday/UNC (which I don't) he made all the wrong/dishonest moves and trying to incite his tribal blind followers to further disrupt the society is doing more harm to him and UNC.

Basdeo Panday’s latest outburst came after the heavy security was removed from him. He is rebelling against the feeling of ordinariness while he also has his campaign investors at his throat for returns on their investment. FEAR is behind his reactions today. (Figure it out)

UNC supporters are being used once again to satisfy Panday’s lust for “power” and control of the nation’s resources. He is no longer the Prime Minister and is having adjustment problems.

My opinion regarding how the President made HIS decision is inconsequential. Today UNC diehard supporters should deal with the rabble rousing Basdeo Panday while the rest of us focus on crime, education and a fairer electoral process.

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