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Answer For Edson
In Response To: Question For Paul ()

How many votes a party got overall is not part of the equation. The election was about how many seats were won. Then both leaders/misleaders agreed in writing and before the nation that the President would choose any of them to be leader. They both said they left it up to the President to decide.

If they did not make that agreement then the President should have reappointed Basdeo Panday in my humble opinion (as much as I dislike him). But the moment they agreed to leave it up to the President to decide, even if he tossed a coin to decide, they have to accept that position. They may not like it but Basdeo Panday agreed to abide by it.

This issue has nothing to do with how many votes each party got and the President could have taken that into account but he also did not have to consider that.

The UNC supporters should direct their anger towards BASDEO PANDAY who made one of the most foolish deals in history.

If the President had appointed Panday and Manning's side was angry I would have been knocking them because they made an agreement.

At this time UNC and their supporters should blame Basdeo Panday who made that deal without consulting other members of the Party - such is the arrogance of power. They should do everything like me to ensure the electoral list is cleaned up and all the allegations of corruption are investigated together with other allegations or corruption during the past PNM tenure.

They should be vigil to ensure that PNM does not further corrupt the electoral list and districts. They should promptly bring any shady deals or gerrymandering to the public and the police.

We need to get all those corrupt UNC and PNM public officials in jail so ordinary people will know it is not only the small man who must pay all the time.

They need to get back to parliament to address electoral reform and corruption. Failing this, it is UNC to blame if PNM use other measures to remain in office longer that is absolutely necessary.

They should stop Basdeo Panday from trying to incite violence simply to satisfy his financial investors who loss millions trying to buy people and while running an expensive election campaign.

The angry UNC supporters should go after Basdeo Panday first.

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