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More bovine defecation from Rehan Abdool

One legacy of Dr. Alan Mackenzie, former principal of Naparima College, was a near daily public discourse to his students on social commentary and political life. Rehan Abdool, In his role as Dean of Students at ASJA, is apparently attempting to emulate the master. I say ‘apparently’ since this week we were treated to yet another unwanted helping of verbal diarrhoea that did nothing except consume the precious oxygen and afford us a unwanted display of massive stupidity.

This oration, at the heels of Eid no less, was on T&T students who elected to go abroad for higher (university) education. Rehan Abdool was gleefully noted that a number of these prospective students would be unable to afford the tuition and would have to “keep their tails at home”. Apparently he viewed this as a good thing as it would decrease the ‘brain drain’ from T&T.

It is no secret that the high crime rate, government corruption and shaky economics have encouraged many of the brightest and best to immigrate. However open contempt for the working class is never something to be promoted.

Rehan Abdool noted that he himself was a graduate of the UWI system, had elected to stay in T&T and was doing ‘just fine’. Of course he neglected to inform his audience that he actually holds Canadian citizenship along with a fairly large North American portfolio and drives an imported Mercedes. He also neglected to inform the audience that his younger sister opted not to ‘keep her tail at home’ but attended a Canadian university. This sort of hypocrisy and selective amnesia does little to stem the tide of disfranchisement among our youth.

If Rehan Abdool wishes to grease his oratory sphincter with the political equivalent of spermicidal lubricant perhaps he should draw an analogy to the current same-sex debate in the US namely, keep your actions behind closed doors and ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

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More bovine defecation from Rehan Abdool
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