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Re: Kerry's concession speech.
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What a sore loser that person was. It is the stupidity of the Democrates to hope that the AVERAGE AMERICAN would sell out on their morals just to stop war. Just foolish. They actually had people believing that they were for them or more so than the Republicans. Well, for everything wrong with the Republican party there is something that the people can't live with that the Democrates believe in. Typical that a member of the Democratic party would send such an email. Based on their actions, it would seem that the Democrates think that the people are incapable of making up their own minds and not bending on it just to please a few. I suggest that the democratic party get out of the sixties and stop using sixties strategies to solve problems of today such as the trend in Homosexuality. I guess now they know why the people voted against them. Not because of current problems, but because we the people know that we cannot by or bribe our enemies any longer. At least not the ones we currently face. What the democrates tried to do domestically, is what they would have tried to do internationally. People of the world do not want to sell their values for money. Thats the main reason we have the conflict in Iraq. I can deal with them not trying to sell, but not if we were sold out to fit a hollywood glorified trend for voted/ power. It's about pride. Voters of this country showed that they still have it. No chi-chi weakness here. I hope people of the world will realize that men are meant to be with women, and vice versa.

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Kerry's concession speech.
Re: Kerry's concession speech.
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