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Re: Weaker US $ threat to TT *LINK*
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[It's true that T-N-T needs to diversify it's consumer base, but the U.S. Economy will rebound as usual. Once we drain Iraq for it's oil, and this administration's ideas become law things should straighten. Everyone praises the Clinton administration for lowering the debt when all he did was downsize miltary spending wich in return left us vulnerable to attack. The value of life is another topic. The Reagan Administration (including Bush Sr.) set the tone for the late 90's as far as the economy is concearned. We just hope that the economy turns around under this admin.]

There is a new meaning for the term 'RED STATE'... It is a financial RED STATE.

Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities now total $1.75 trillion. This accounts for approximately 41% of debt owed by the public. Some examples of foreign holdings include:

Japan $668 billion
China $217 billion
Caribbean Banking Centers $72 billion
OPEC Nations $48 billion.

I am gonna invest in 3 piece suites and top hats for when these millionairs are ready to throw themselves off of their skyscrapers as they did during the great depression..

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Weaker US $ threat to TT *LINK*
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Re: Weaker US $ threat to TT
Re: Weaker US $ threat to TT
Re: Weaker US $ threat to TT
Re: Weaker US $ threat to TT *LINK*
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