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Re: Foreign Assembled
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Blah, blah, blah! Where is your tolerance for "anglo" Americans? Do you even know what an anglo is? How about a saxon? Now I ask if you know what or how these people are or can really be associated with todays's racism in "America"?

Thats like asking the average African who resides in "America" as a result of Slavery and Colonialism what their role or impact in Africa is now.

Telivision was not relatively new three decades ago. My great Grand mother purchased a telivision about 6 decades ago.

I know it's your opinion that twenty or thirty years ago we were a more civil society. What is that based on? There were more incidents of racial violence and signs of racial intolerance. Part of that time the U.S. was pulling out of a very violent conflict in Vietnam. We are now filling body bags (if we can scrape the remains of some troops off of the ground or their tanks ,and some cases their comrads faces) as you read this.There was police brutality then as now. Street gangs then as is now. It's the same old feces packaged a different way.

If one group feels that they are better than the other group and then the other group only keeps self destructing, then the one group is going to try to distance themselves in order to avoid the other group. Nothing wrong with that. The cure would be for the other group to stop self destructing and to grow stronger. They (the strong) survive.

This is of course my opinion, but in this day of over populated nations, hunger and disease, it is time for the weak to start pulling their own weight.

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