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Re: Cosby's daughter
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When I first started college, I actually was paid 1,500. My books and class fees were taken care of by a state waiver, and my financial aid was the extra 1,500 per semester. That was 100.00 per credit. Cosby's comments were not directed toward people like the one the other gentleman wrote about. If anything, the other gentlemans story would be a classic example of what Cosby expects from our youth.

There are all sorts of funds availiable to young minorities who have a focus on where they see themselves ten years after finishing High School or Secondary school. You would be surprised at how many Americans go to school for free, and never finish. Most get caught up in things that are counterproductive to their future.

You only have to payback loans like the pell grant, not federal financial aid. For that, one would only have to have a 2.0 (c) grade point average. This was almost ten years ago, but I imagine it to be about the same now.

I'd also like to add, that the amount of funds you receive is based on financial need as determined by the government. Furthermore, it may not be enough to cover tuition cost at any given University. However, if one earns a associates degree, then they can at least get a better job in order to pay for the tuition at a University.

Where there is a will, there is a way. No excuses.

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