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Re: Education is free , the problem is culture

It took me a while to find Ms. Edwards beautifully articulated letter and I wonder why it is not on the homepage of this website.
While reading I was reminded of a conversation between two actresses playing the role of mothers in the movie "Guess who's coming to dinner"
They discuss the reason why they think their husbands object to the interracial marriage of their respective children. And like Ms. Edwards states, although indirectly, it comes down to getting old and forgetting. I am sure if we were presented with a view of the biography of these men, we would find that the guiding or helping hand of humanity assisted them on the journey to their current status or position. What is it that prevents most men from remembering once they have lost their youthful vitality, that they turn against the young with malice and contempt?
The fact that the objects of their contempt are also poor and disenfranchised is proof positive that humanity is lost beneath this world's patriarchal dominance.

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Education is free , the problem is culture
Re: Education is free , the problem is culture
Re: Education is free , the problem is culture
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