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Education is free , the problem is culture

One person comments that I often dig is that of Linda Edwards. Her recent commentary via a letter to Bill Cosby and others has found me strongly disagreeing with her. Ms Edwards it seems, and like so many other Afdrican Americans believe that Cosby, now a multi millionaire should not have taken the time to lambast Afdrican american from the lowest social strata about their condition.

Ms Edwards state ," African americans are here, been here, and are still poor because processes are set in place to keep them poor". This comes straight out of any text on Social Stratification. But is can be defeated.
I am sure that Mr Cosby would agree with her too. He would also state that the only solution to the problem is to embrace education. Real education that is. And this is my point anyone who know the education system in America knows that is pays to be poor in it. Students from the elementary school are given breafast and lunch to go to school and study. Granted, that condition at home may not make it studious the fact is school in poor communities is more profitable to go than not to go.

At the college level is where it really pays. I recently had an ex student come up to me with a story about how his parents told him to get out of here when he presented his college papers to them. They said they are to poor to finance it. However, most, people especially the poor, get financial aid. The Poor ones in particular get so much that they receive a profit. So the end result is college is free plus money in their pockets. The American colleges system for poor people is free. Most poor people need to become aware oif it. The problem is culture and that is what Cosby is trying to say. Linda Edwards

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Education is free , the problem is culture
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