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Ministry worry over bed space
Posted: Sunday, May 2, 2021

Ministry worry over bed space for patients as COVID cases rise
Abdool-Richards said there were over 500 beds in the parallel health care system across the seven hospitals.

Expert: T&T COVID-19 caseload threatens to overburden hospitals
If the current COVID-19 trend continues, available bed spaces can be diminished within three weeks to a month.

PM defends 'private property' comment
He said: "As Prime Minister I respect and support the Constitution, the rule of law and due process and I am insistent that law enforcement must act within the confines of the law. I am also duty-bound to point out that the laws of our country, including the Public Health Ordinance, the Public Health Regulations, the Police Service Act and other laws can, in certain specific circumstances, cover the enforcement and management of laws in private premises via public health officers with or without aid of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service."

Two more die from COVID-19, 248 new cases reported
There are currently 201 patients in hospitals, 22 in step-down facilities, 236 in state quarantine and 1884 in home self-isolation.

Griffith warns: Police can shut down street food vending

PM: Street vending stays

COVID-19 vaccinations to resume on Monday
In addition to healthcare workers, people over the age of 60 with or without non-communicable diseases (NCDs) will be targeted. Additionally, people under the age of 60 with NCDs, including those with asthma, will also be eligible for vaccination.

'Church has role in fighting pandemic'
"The pandemic is challenging enough for the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. We have to take it seriously and not to cause crowding and breach COVID restrictions."

Sir Hilary Beckles gets six more years as UWI vice-chancellor
Beckles was first appointed in 2015 and was the eighth vice-chancellor of the university. He has 40 years' service with UWI as a professor of economic history, pro vice-chancellor for undergraduate studies, and a 13-year tenure as principal of UWI's Cave Hill campus in Barbados. He is also a United Nations committee official, and global public activist in the field of social justice and minority empowerment.

Economist slams autonomy bill: 'An illusion to fool unwary Tobagonians'
"The exclusion means that it will be virtually impossible to define a credible formula in the Constitution that gives Tobago a predictable budget. Tobago's budget will be forever determined by the whims and fancies of the Cabinet in Trinidad. The absence of boundaries means that the equality of status and self-determination offered are only a political mirage."

WASA proposes 24-hour shift system for workers
The implementation of a 24-hour shift system has been one of several recommendations recently proposed to the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) if the cash-strapped organisation is to stamp out allegations of corruption, excessive overtime and lingering inefficiencies.

Mother of four loses job, health, home and family in six months
She said doctors are yet to provide her with a diagnosis for seizures, shortness of breath and constant dizziness.

Warrenville pharmacy offers free food bank for people in need
"The donation of non-perishable food items was provided by the community and those who know about the food drive anonymously. Those who need it can also access it anonymously."

Soldiers return from St Vincent humanitarian mission
A group of 50 members of the Defence Force who went to aid the people of St Vincent after the La Soufriere volcano erupted returned home on Saturday.

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