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Exponential increase in health care costs
Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2024

Imbert: Exponential increase in health care costs
He said the Health Ministry requires significant sums annually to cover its expenditure with respect to all aspects of the health sector. He estimated the figure at approximately $5 billion a year.

Imbert said the committee was being asked to supplement the ministry's budget by approximately $500 million or almost half of $1 billion.

Attzs: CDAP meant for most vulnerable
Global inflationary pressures have likely led to increased cost in health care, and as a result programmes like Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP) may be due for a review, economist Dr Marlene Attzs said yesterday.

Minister: T&T's eco-system, fertile farmlands at risk
"This year, the Ministry pledges to restore 100 hectares of forest and maintain 500 hectares of previously- planted areas in this fiscal year. Further we will produce a total of 250,000 seedlings to support these initiatives," he said.

Abdulah: 75% of workers not unionised
"When I joined the trade union movement, way back in 1977, it was 65-70 per cent of the labour force was unionised. That has flipped in the last 40-odd years

"It is not peculiar to TT. This is a global thing, as a result of neoliberal, capitalist economic policies, designed to weaken the trade union movement and weaken workers' power, to enable capital to accumulate more and more wealth for the one per cent."

Digicel's Deep Blue One subsea fibre cable goes live
The future is here with best-in-class connectivity to French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago

Leatherbacks nest at Matelot
This year's nesting season is coming to a close and has not been without noticeable increases on beaches, according to communities in this region such as Big Bay in L'Anse Noire that has had an active season of leatherback nesting.

YouTuber back on streets after week in jail – Chris Must goes on

$17.7M in US, Colombian grown weed seized in South Trinidad
Among the narcotics seized, was a total of 66 packets of US grown marijuana weighing 48.7 kilogrammes with an estimated street value of TT$12,170,378 and 51 packets of Colombian grown marijuana weighing 51 kilogrammes with an estimated street value of TT$5,597,097.

Father of missing state witness – Tobago cops dragging their feet
Roberts, a THA labourer, originally from Bethel but living in Plymouth, left home on February 28 and has not been seen or heard from since. He is a witness in a 2016 murder case.

Speaking with Newsday on June 4, Roberts' father, Dave Raphael, said his son was last seen in Bethel checking on his friends and grandmother.

‘Cornflakes' killed one week after being released from jail
An Oropune, Piarco man who was released from jail last week was shot dead yesterday morning and his body was dumped in the community. Police said a bag containing eight Molotov cocktails and two 9 mm spent shell casings were found next to his body.

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