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Keeping the water level
Posted: Friday, May 10, 2024

Keeping the water level: Businesses, WASA talk water management
That sum is substantial, more so because what's being "expanded," for the moment, is not the cramped pens for the animals, but a brand-new two-storey structure, which Udecott is calling a "discovery building," is going up for visitors.

New multi-million $$ building for zoo

HSF rises to US$5.39B
The net asset value of Trinidad and Tobago's Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) stood at US$5.39 billion at the end of September 2023, a 14.4 per cent increase compared with the US$4.71 billion at the end of September 2022.

Outrage at UWI over Israeli 'diplomatic dialogue'
UWI student backlash over event

TTIFC: 25% of citizens have no access to bank accounts
Their endgame is to develop a national financial inclusion strategy and action plan to pursue a single approach to financial inclusion aimed at increasing participation within the formal economy.

Law of contract Absenteeism: 'No work, no pay'

Duke: I regret not being Chief Secretary

Hinds: Challenge to Erla's extension 'frivolous'
In June 2023, political activist Ravi Balgobin-Maharaj challenged the extension, claiming it was null and void, as Cabinet sidestepped the appointment process outlined in the Constitution, and infringed on the doctrine of the separation of powers.

High Court Judge Justice Ricky Rahim, dismissed that challenge on January 16 and ruled that the Cabinet has the power to extend the CoP's term.

On Wednesday, Appeal Court judges Prakash Moosai, Mark Mohammed, and James Aboud unanimously dismissed Maharaj's 12 complaints of Rahim's findings.

UNICEF data reveals close to 6,000 children working

Trini prisoner in Iraq: They took my boys
The boys were staying with their mother in a cell at the Baghdad Rusafa 6B women's prison in Iraq, where Azizah is serving a 20-year sentence for terrorism-though they had no legal representation.

Cops reviewing online interview done by Hannah's brother
Homicide investigators say they are looking into an interview done by Jeremiah Mathura, the older brother of Hannah Mathura, in which he said he tried warning a close relative about his sister's health in the weeks before her death.

Hindus under attack
The destruction of murtis at a Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) temple in Curepe is being described as a hate crime and the result of past political silence in the face of similar attacks.

Relatives vow revenge for Tobago woman's killing as police urge restraint

Another woman slain in Tobago
Nikesha Sandy was gunned down on the roadway in Plymouth shortly before 7a.m. She was walking along, on her way to work, when the killers came and executed her.

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