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40% of forex transactions over US$20,000
Posted: Sunday, February 18, 2024

40% of forex transactions over US$20,000
Central Bank says credit cards account for...

Oil spill impact could be profound, long term
Economists Vanus James and Gregory McGuire:

‘New US sanctions could spur more Venezuelan migrants'
"If sanctions hit foreign investment and export markets for oil as well as Venezuela's capacity to borrow on the international market, they would have a strong negative impact on growth of the economy as well as employment and imports. Once jobs begin to get scarce and basic necessities, such as food and medicine are in short supply migration will resume at the earlier rate. T&T will therefore see an increased flow of Venezuelan migrants under these conditions."

Call for ceasefire in war against Palestine
Mohammed said the US had been supporting Israel for decades and claimed it was complicit in the death of thousands as it spent millions of dollars to supply Israel with weapons.

He also accused Western leaders of hypocrisy in their fight against terrorism saying the situation was not very different from Russia's war with Ukraine but they were giving Ukraine assistance but not Palestine and God would hold them accountable one day.

SRC: No increase for judges, pay cut for Industrial Court members
INDUSTRIAL COURT judges are said to be up in arms over the Salaries Review Commission's (SRC's) 117th Report, which has proposed a cut in their monthly remuneration from $32,080 to $29,100.

Activist seeks public records of closed high-profile cases
Persad's aim for Closed Cases is "for the dead to tell the country the truth" and to "help foster transparency and accountability in law enforcement."

He believes the release of the files will allow the public to better understand how investigations are conducted and evidence is gathered.

From conception to distribution: The men behind the music

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