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'$80,000 per month for PM'
Posted: Saturday, February 17, 2024

'$80,000 per month for PM'
Rowley, Kamla to get salary hike, backpay if SRC report accepted...

SRC proposes 30% salary increase for the Prime Minister

Salaries commission proposes pay hike for head of government: Pay PM $80,000

SRC proposes 30% salary increase for the Prime Minister

Government rejects Lucas for DCP post
Benjamin, George get nod to boost TTPS senior command

Govt approves DCPs to act
Opposition objects to debate while challenge before courts...

Spill enters Venezuela territorial waters
New satellite data analysed by the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has detected that the unconfirmed oil-like substance originating from the Gulfstream spill south of Cove, Tobago, has entered Venezuela's territorial waters.

Farley: More transparency expected from Govt
'Gulfstream' oil spill...

No cover-up
PM responds to THA chief on oil spill:

Businessman sues State over seizure of 200 exotic birds
The judicial review lawsuit, brought by Yi Hui Chou also known as Jimmy Chow against the Chief Game Warden, went to trial before High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan at the Waterfront Judicial Centre in Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Two charged for cultivating over $3M in marijuana
During the exercise, EDGIU and Multi-Operational Police Section officers observed two men tending to a marijuana field with approximately 1024 full-grown marijuana trees and an estimated 1000 seedlings on about four acres of land.

Cops seize ketamine at courier company
Ketamine is a controlled substance that is a dissociative anaesthetic that has some hallucinogenic effects.

TTUTA Tobago: Time to change curriculum to end violence in schools
TTUTA Tobago officer Bradon Roberts has renewed his call for an urgent meeting of all education stakeholders on the island to address the escalating incidence of violence and indiscipline in schools.

Student fights for life after stabbing at Signal Hill Sec
The victim and another student were seen beating the suspect about the head and body until he went down on the floor, following which he got up and grabbed onto the victim as he stabbed him several times on the left side of the body with the red-handled screwdriver.

Killing inside KFC, Gasparillo

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