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Spill while barge towed to Guyana
Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Spill while barge towed to Guyana
Ministry: Radar centre loses contact with tugboat, barge towing 'Gulfsteam'...

Hinds: Tug towing barge to Guyana behind oil spill

Farley accuses Govt of hiding info on oil spill vessel
Wants owners of Solo Creed to own up, pay up

You will pay for this mess, ship owners told
Tobago's Chief Secretary Farley Augustine is calling for the owners of the vessel that capsized in Tobago's waters, resulting in an extensive oil-spill, to come forward and pay for the damage done.

Tobago oil spill mystery deepens as tug boat vanishes
THE MYSTERY surrounding the oil spill in Tobago deepened on February 14 when it was revealed that the Gulfstream, which was found overturned in the sea 200 metres off the coast of the Cove Industrial Park on February 7, was one of two vessels involved in the incident.

The high cost of T&T's subsidised electricity
Beginning in the 1970's, successive governments discounted Trinidad's electricity costs to everyone. It proved incredibly popular among voters. Today, it is being sold to residential customers at a mere US$0.05 per kWh. That lowest tier price is among the cheapest rates in the world.

Mical Teja wins Road March

Award-winning author: Women in Caribbean Oil and Gas 'not a male-bashing encyclopaedia'
"I would say that the book is about trying to address what I would call the perception gap that still exists between how women actually experience the industry and how they are presumed to experience it by persons both in and outside the industry."

Police can publish an accused's photo but no mugshots
THE POLICE SERVICE can publish images, names and addresses of an accused where the law permits it.

However, the TTPS cannot disseminate the police booking photographs or mugshots. This was the ruling of Justice Frank Seepersad on February 14, as he upheld only one aspect of a police officer's lawsuit against the State.

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