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Tobago may need intl help
Posted: Friday, February 9, 2024

Chief Sec: Tobago may need intl help after oil spill
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine says there is a strong possibility Tobago may need international assistance to address the environmental fallout from an oil spill caused by a boat that was found overturned on Wednesday in the sea about 200 metres off the coast of the Cove Eco Industrial Park.

Farley: Oil spill needs national attention
Augustine, during a media conference in Scarborough, said: "The Tier Two level, it means that we are, from our end, declaring this not just a disaster but we're declaring it as a disaster that requires national attention."

Significant damages as a result of oil spill in Tobago; specialized equipment needed

Touchstone finds natural gas in Cascadura field
In a news release yesterday, Touchstone said the well was expected to be drilled to a depth of 8,300 feet, but drilling was suspended at 7,132 feet to preserve the substantial pay section observed in the well after high-pressure gas zones were encountered.

Let's keep our archives alive
We have followed a line of reasoning that has taken us away for the reality of the importance of knowing the past and teaching it to our children. The core issue is the gap in the curriculum that has left us with a lack of appreciation of our history. Along the way, we lost important connections to our natural heritage. Our nation has evolved with limited reference to our previous stages with all their considerations.

Massy whistleblower unconcerned by CEO's early retirement plans
Instead, Parisot-Potter is anxious to hear about the results of the investigation into the allegations she made in a 13-page statement, which she believes is now long overdue.

Warner retired early to avoid distraction
Massy Holdings' president and CEO Gervase Warner opted to proceed on early retirement because he felt his continued presence at the top of one of the country's largest companies was creating a distraction, a source close to the company told Guardian Media yesterday.

Gypsy wins 11th national extempo title

Junior Carnival kings, queens crowned

Traditional and 'pretty' mas clash at Arima North

Court lowers height requirement for male cops
Justice Robin Mohammed made the order on January 8. In a landmark ruling, the judge held that the police service regulation which restricted men below 167 centimetres from applying to the police service was discriminatory.

Cop gunned down in Couva
Police say he was shot and his firearm taken. Mitchell was off duty, and wearing casual clothes.

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