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No need for new vetted police units
Posted: Saturday, February 3, 2024

Griffith: No need for new vetted police units
He identified the Special Branch and the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) as examples of such units.

Griffith said, "To get into these units you have to be polygraphed. You do a a stringent background test. You analyse that the person is competent and has the professionalism and maturity to keep a degree of confidentiality."

Local cops admit big-time criminals visiting T&T
During a media briefing at Whitehall yesterday, the Prime Minister revealed that he spoke with senior officials from the CIA and FBI during his visit to Washington DC this week.

Compensation for 2015 El Pecos blast reduced
She found North Plant LPG to have caused the deadly explosion at the restaurant on February 5, 2015, and ordered the company to compensate Continental Corporation Ltd, the owner of the property, which also houses the Royal Palm Hotel. In her ruling, the judge said nominal damages of $600,000 should be awarded.

The property's owner had sought $2.1 million, but the judge held that the company did not provide evidence in support of its claim for special damages

Sugar Aloes pained over crime
Two-time Calypso Monarch Michael "Sugar Aloes" Osouna lives a father's worst nightmare–losing two sons to gun violence.

Man convicted of killing waitress released after 28 years in jail
In keeping with the sentencing guidelines for judges, Henderson began with a starting point of 30 years. He reduced it by five for the steps Mohammed took to deal with his alcohol addiction, his art endeavours – he taught art at the Carrera Convict Prison, exhibited his works and donated his pieces – as well as the various commendations from the prison authorities.

Three held in Penal for suspected organised crime links
The TTPS said one of its intelligence units received information that an organised crime group was involved in a recent spate of robberies in the Southern Division.

The dark side of skin lightening in T&T

Did you feel it? 5.2 earthquake shakes T&T

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