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Judge quashes deportation order
Posted: Monday, January 29, 2024

Judge quashes deportation order for Venezuelan mother
Mohammed's ruling comes after yet another judge, in November last year, ordered a total of $2.4 million in compensation to more than two dozen Venezuelan migrants for their illegal detention at two police stations in the southwestern police district after they were arrested in July 2020 for entering TT illegally.

Senator Mark wants gov't to explain proposed sale of Clico shares in MHIL to Proman
Mark claimed the lucrative assets were sold at an undervalued price and he also alleged the valuation of the shares was flawed.

PM hints at retirement
Rowley revealed that he is contemplating retirement, following his wife's decision to retire last year.

The PM's statement was in response to suggestions from the PNM's deputy political leaders Rohan Sinanan and Colm Imbert that he would lead the party in the upcoming general election.

Teacher dies after falling almost 100 feet off Sando Hill
Police reports stated that Mitchell went to relieve herself outside the fete between a hedge at 11.55 pm. Her boyfriend, Peter Rebeiro, was standing nearby when the dirt under her feet gave way, and she fell 40 feet off the cliff, rolling almost 20 feet on a declining surface before coming to a hard stop. Rebeiro immediately alerted fire officers at the fete, who called for rescuers at the Mon Repos Fire Station.

Digicel's founder steps aside, as debt-heavy company restructures
THE RESTRUCTURING of Digicel has been successfully completed, its founder Denis O'Brien told the Express today, as he announced that he would be stepping down as the company's chairman and assuming a non-executive position on the board.

Karen dominates ole mas in San Fernando
PICONG, satire and politics both local and international dominated the first San Fernando Schools' Grand Ole Mas ReJouvertNation finals at South Park Mall on Saturday.

Lost Hikers Found
The Hunters Search and Rescue Team responded to a distress call Sunday evening, to assist in locating two lost hikers at Asindo Trace, Balandra.

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