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No need for more highway lanes
Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2024

No need for more highway lanes
THE EDITOR: We don't need more lanes on our highways, we need to decentralise Port of Spain and by extension the east-west corridor.

We are wasting money and precious asphalt by adding extra lanes on the Solomon Hochoy Highway. Besides, this money could have been spent on repairing the cable barriers and solar panels on the highways. But no, let's add more lanes, spread out the traffic and create more bottlenecks going north and south.

West tells of plan to cut Govt's $276m rental bill

Woodside: Deepwater drilling costly but worthwhile
Later in a question session, Patrick said deepwater projects do not cost hundreds of millions of dollars to undertake, but billions.

She said Trinidad and Tobago was an attractive place for energy companies for three reasons: it has an understanding government, a favourable demand-and-supply situation, and offers multiple avenues to commercialisation of natural gas by way of a very robust market for gas, plus a market for LNG.

Planning Minister welcomes 'rubber crumb' project
Schulz said it is unfortunate that Trinidad and Tobago generates 1.5 million used tyres annually.

Beckles: Old tyres to be used to pave bad roads

T&T, China to commemorate 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations

Browne: Government 'very pleased' as court rules Mexico can sue US gun-makers
Mexico, as well as several Caricom countries, has blamed US gun manufacturers for the bulk of firearms that are illegally brought into the region, fuelling violent crime.

'That traffic is a killer'
Southerners trapped in daily gridlock say family life, jobs suffering...

Regional ferry needs feasibility analysis
Business leaders and academics from T&T, Barbados and Guyana all agree that the proposed regional tri-nation cargo ferry service which will connect the three Caribbean countries will boost business and trade.

Tobago's farming population in decline
Seales-Mansano revealed there were 4,037 registered farmers on the island.

"Out of that 4,037 we recognise that not all will be active farmers. So we have 343 active out of our last survey," she told members.

Mud volcano moods
The recent eruption of the Cascadoux mud volcano through new vents is part of the continuing activity of such land forms across Trinidad. In 1982 the present main vent was taller than it is today. In 1999 it had grown taller and seemed to loom over the nearest house below it. Today, it has released its gases through other vents, all on the same hill on which it had built itself.

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