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Motion against Dragon Gas defeated
Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Motion against Dragon Gas defeated after Senate president votes for Govt
Last November, Mark raised a private motion, calling for more transparency from the government about the deal, and detailed accounts of how each company involved would be contributing.

Report: Trinidad and Tobago 4th best in world on energy sector accountability
THE local energy sector is the fourth most transparent in the world, said the State of the Extractive Sectors Report 2023. This was launched by the TT Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TTEITI) on Monday night at the TT Energy Chamber's energy conference at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain.

Hydrocarbon earnings 'sub-optimal', but demand growing
"What we do see at the moment is that natural gas particularly LNG is a growing business and some of the facts that actually support that is the fact that we have got a lot of LNG capacity being built that will give about 200 million tons per year as funding capacity is under construction and 54 million tons of that capacity was sanctioned last year. There are around 130 million tonnes per year of capacity that could be sanctioned in the next year or so by 2025. So that shows that there is a market that believes in the future of LNG."

Augustine: Tobago People's Party internal elections coming
"The party, with the help of lawyers, went through the entire constitution article by article and then onto a ratification by way of a vote among those present."

He added: "The next step for the party would be internal elections for the party. A date will be set and announced publicly."

Fazal Karim dies at 71
Ex-minister hailed for role in education

Calls for probe into iron plant mishap

Bacchanal calypso tent opens on Saturday in Delaford
The tent, which was established in 1985, boasts of having a dynamic cast, comprising Mackey, Mr Brown, Harro, Bushy, Hannibal, Unjust, Lady, Shi'vel, among others.

As its name suggests, patrons can expect a variety of bacchanal offerings, along with humorous ditties and thought-provoking social commentaries.

Planning Minister reappoints National Sea Turtle Task Force
"Nesting of other species also takes place on beaches throughout the nation. In total, there are five species of sea turtles designated as Environmentally Sensitive Species (ESS) under the ESS Rules, 2001 through Legal Notice Nos. 88-92 of 2014, the Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles."

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