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Bye-bye Silver Fox
Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Bye-bye Silver Fox
Thousands pay final tribute to Panday

Farewell, Papa
Weeping Mickela: We will never forget you

Panday's daughters break tradition, perform final rites on their dad
But it was during the final cremation ritual, the burning of the body, that something significant happened. It is tradition for that part of the ceremony to be done by a male relative, some believing that the soul only achieves "moksha," which is freedom from the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, when that ritual is performed by a male.

However, it has become a contentious position of late, with some arguing that if the deceased has no male sons, then their daughters should be able to perform that duty for their parents.

State spent 'significant' sum for Panday's funeral—Browne

Tears, cheers, love for former PM

Constitutional reform to honour Panday
A series of books is required to lay out the specificities of constitutional reform. The very brief history of attempts at constitutional reform in T&T that I have provided reveal one commonality: partisan politicking. Before constitutional reform can be enacted, there has to take place a paradigm shift in our culture of governance, from power grabbing and tribal politics to a commitment to public service and meaningful representation.

Browne slams bad behaviour at Panday funeral
He rejected Hamel-Smith and Nunez-Tesheira's claims that they were excluded from the event.

''What I can tell you is that the planning of the seating within SAPA, limited seating, has been done in extremely close collaboration with the Panday family.

Global economic recovery remains slow, and LAC experiences unique challenges

Massy names Kerry to replace Parisot-Potter
Massy Holdings Ltd corporate secretary and senior vice-president of corporate governance, Wendy Kerry, has, for the time being, stepped into a role vacated by Angélique Parisot-Potter, the group's former general counsel and executive vice president of business integrity.

Taking care of your joints

bpTT cancels pan space over 'security concerns'
"The proposal was a new initiative as part of bpTT's overall support for pan. It would have included a designated public space highlighting steel pan music, including performances by steel bands, all open to the public.

Chef freed of robbery 18 years after being accused of the crime
... by the time the matter came up for hearing, two state witnesses, the justice of the peace and the police inspector who conducted the identification parade were all deceased.
Their statements were admitted into evidence, as they testified at the preliminary inquiry in the Magistrates' Court.

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