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Family accepts offer of State funeral
Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Family accepts offer of State funeral
Body of former PM to be flown back home tonight...

Government plans state funeral for Panday

Top policies introduced under Basdeo Panday's administration
-Arrival Day becomes Indian Arrival Day
-Education – abolishing Common Entrance, dollar-for-dollar initiative
-Holiday, land for Spiritual Baptists
-No more corporal punishment in schools
-E-999 (emergency telephone) system, Highway Patrol
-Removal of taxes on importing foreign-used cars

Patrick Manning's son, Brian, on Panday'
He was my father's political opponent, never his enemy'

Panday's brother, Subhas, on ex-PM's legacy - 'BAS' NEVER FORGOT HIS ROOTS

A village mourns
Hometown St Julien remembers former PM

Warner: Panday's death must unite Trinidad and Tobago

Panday's cabinet collegues hail former prime minister

A man of the people
Analysts praise ex-PM's 'rich legacy'

JTUM hails Panday, Charles

TUCO, Machel hail Panday's role in calypso

ECA: Employers must obey minimum wage law
The Minimum Wages Act obliges employers to do the following:
• Keep, maintain and retain wage records for a minimum of three years in order to show compliance;
• Provide labour inspectors with information about the wages and terms and conditions of work;
• Allow labour inspectors to inspect wage records and pay sheets;
• Permit the inspectors to interview workers.

T&T's exports recover significantly post-pandemic
Trinidad and Tobago's primary exports are energy-related products, with natural gas and petrochemicals leading the way. Over the last five years, these exports have experienced steady growth. According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), in 2017, Trinidad and Tobago exported approximately US$7.3 billion of energy-related products. This figure increased to US$9.5 billion in 2022, a notable growth of around 30%.

'Frost the epitome of tenacity of purpose'
Those in academia would know of Prof Frost through The University of the West Indies (UWI), where he has lectured thousands. Those within the banking sector, both locally and globally, as well as in philanthropic circles, are likely familiar with the name due to the impactful work he has undertaken.

Kidnapped Anesha found, suspects in custody
Five days after being snatched, El Socorro businesswo­man Anesha Narine-Boodhoo has been found.

Mother, daughter killed in their home
.. Soldier wanted in connection with attack held in Arima

Murder victim's mother: He was killed for not joining a gang
"In 2022, they first shot him in the hip and then last year, they shot him in his arm. Every time they shot him, he drove himself to the hospital."

His mother says both shootings were a result of him not wanting to join a neighbourhood gang. She said when he bought a new car, the threats intensified. Williams said her son was strong-willed, and after both incidents, he still refused to take up his uncle's offer to migrate to the US.

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