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Venezuela rejects deployment
Posted: Friday, December 29, 2023

Venezuela rejects deployment of British Navy ship to Guyana
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on Thursday called on Guyanese authorities to take immediate action for the withdrawal of the HMS Trent, a vessel from the British Navy, and to refrain from continuing to involve military powers in the territorial controversy.

Farmers group president hoping Govt will prioritise food security...

Reduce T&T's dependence on imports

X-ray device to detect pollutants
Beckles: It will ensure citizens' safety

4 dead in highway shooting
Businesswoman Lana Sahadeo was struck by a stray bullet and later died. Three men were also killed. Police have not yet confirmed the men's identities.

Sleeping mom killed by cops
Police officers who kicked in a door to arrest a man in his bed are claiming he fired a shot at them during a raid on his Carapichaima home on Wednesday.

It is why, the officers said, that they returned fire and killed Kern Fraser, 33, and his female companion, Sheckeela Davis, 28, who was sleeping beside him.

'Just so?' - An innocent woman slain
Residents shocked at woman's death

Women found dead in Tobago apartment identified
In December 2016, day before she was due in court for a case involving the ownership of a property, Moffat's mother Cheryl Joan Cooper was shot dead on the street outside her house in Harmony Hall near Gasparillo.

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