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Government spent $34m on utility support
Posted: Friday, December 22, 2023

Minister: Government spent $34m on utility support programme
MINISTER of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales says government has spent $34 million on programmes meant to help low-income families with their water and electricity bills. He also says, even after increases proposed by the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) in October, electricity rates in TT will still be the lowest in the region.

Rowley: Hard-earned US dollars must be carefully prioritised before visiting modern day oracles

161 migrants repatriated to Venezuela
National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said government's policy on immigrants was clear in that TT had arrangements to host registered Venezuelans to allow them to work and enjoy all the protections of TT's laws and its constitution.

"But, where people are found outside of this framework, or outside the purview of the Immigration Act of TT or any other criminal laws, they will not enjoy such protection."

Farley worried about gangs
Three murders in one week on sister isle...

ACP Tobago Collis Hazel says a turf war over drugs is the motive behind Tobago's first double murder for 2023.

Cop arrested over Courts shootings
THE police officer involved in the shooting incident at the Courts Megastore at the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in San Juan was arrested for questioning on Thursday night.

Moonilal: NSC 'out of place' to order review of police operations

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