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Mom devastated
Posted: Sunday, November 26, 2023

Mom devastated as 6 cops walk free in Moruga case
'They wilfully killed my son'

Six officers 'meeting their families, but how will they live?'
Eccles' mom: It is unfair

Verdict opens fresh wounds for Moruga family

Police union: Witness-protection programme should be expanded
Clement and her daughter had been entered into the State's witness-protection programme and remained in it for 12 years until her appearance during the trial this month. Before trial, Clement had complained about what she described as poor treatment during her time in witness protection.

Guyanese academic:
Venezuela's acts of aggression have impacted Guyana economy

Economic radiations from the Essequibo epicentre

The never-ending towers of Chaguanas
Initiated under Patrick Manning's PNM administration in 2005, the project was designed to deliver 118 residential apartments and 16 commercial units at a cost of $140 million.

Trestrail housing development mortgage mess
There is no clear timeline for remedial work to finish on the 110 apartment units at the HDC Trestrail Land Development where structural defects have been identified.

It is likely to cost between $100 million to $150 million to undertake repairs to the units, experts estimated. The independent experts said most, if not all, of the apartments would have to be demolished.

Music, tears, laughter at BC's memorial

North Eastern district lags in SEA results, Victoria leads
...North Eastern district lags in SEA results, Victoria leads, and more boys score under 30%

Red and Yellow the 2 biggest 'gangs' in T&T–'Big Man'

Greenhouse installed by community council: Tobago farmers trained in hydroponics

Jab molassie mas historical, spiritual
Shadow's lyrics in Pay The Devil, released in 1994, show the devil mas has been a part of Tobago's culture for decades. Errol Hill, in his 1972 book The Trinidad Carnival, said the jab molassie mas had been observed in Trinidad in 1848. So many people were surprised that a fuss was made over the appearance of a jab molassie as part of Tobago's presentation at the World Trade Market in London between November 6-8.

Local vets monitoring mystery dog illness in US
"While this illness has not been reported in TT to date, the interconnectedness of global travel raises the possibility of its introduction," the statement said.

Car thieves elude police Low detection rates amidst rising crime
Only four per cent of vehicle thefts were detected—the only area where the detection rate was a single digit.

Suspect charged in 2012 murder
THE Cold Case Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has charged a suspect for a murder that took place in Belmont 11 years ago.

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