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Gang truce
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2023

Gang truce
Rasta City, Sixx agree to end bloody reprisals.

Another drive-by shooting in Port of Spain
This incident comes within 24 hours of a previous drive-by shooting on St Paul Street that claimed two lives and left two others hospitalised.

Millions for migrants
State must pay 21 Venezuelans for arrests

$2.4m payout to Venezuelan migrants for 'inhumane, degrading' detention
In total, at least 16 minors would benefit from Gobin's assessment and receive $1,760,000 in damages while at least 13 adults would receive $650,000.

Pro-Palestine march in Chaguanas
Members of the Muslim community once again took to the streets and called for peace in a march to show solidarity with the Palestinians affected by the ongoing war with Israel.

Iwer defends 'Happy People'
Soca star had 'good intentions' for tune

Outrage over Iwer's use of National Anthem
The song, which he co-wrote with Ken Marlon Charles (KMC), is three minutes and 16 seconds long and begins with a rendition of the National Anthem. It includes a call from the artiste to "send dem Trinis hands in the air" as he introduces the hook.

Enterprise man, 50, gunned down in car
The police got a report of gunshots at John Street, off the Southern Main Road, Enterprise near a supermarket, at around 1.50 am, and PCs Singh and Karmody responded in a marked police van.

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