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T&T explores opportunities in Colombia
Posted: Sunday, November 19, 2023

T&T explores opportunities in Colombia's IT and BPO sectors

'Colombia is one of T&T's closest partners in Latin America'
Colombia's Ambassador to T&T William Bush assures that Colombia will continue to maintain close business ties with T&T in the services sector as well as other areas.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago has 'green light' for the Revenue Authority from the High Court
Customs officer Terrisa Dhoray contended that certain sections of the act were unconstitutional, as they sought to interfere with the terms and conditions of employment of public servants currently assigned to the IRD and CED. The claim was mainly based on section 18 of the legislation that was proclaimed by President Christine Kangaloo on April 24. Section 18 requires employees at the IRD and CED to decide whether they would be voluntarily resigning from the public service, accepting a transfer to another public service department, or agreeing to be transferred to the TTRA. Dhoray's contention was that should the TTRA be implemented, then it would result in political interference and control over employees who are currently protected by the Constitution so that they can carry out their duties in a professional and independent manner.

Former NP auditor: Unjust dismissal
The letter informed Chrysostom-Ryan that the board of directors decided to terminate her "contract of employment with immediate effect pursuant to Clause 7 of your Letter of Employment dated 2017 December 18 containing the terms and conditions of your employment, which, among other things, provides for the termination of the employment relationship by either party with three months' notice or by the payment to you of three months' salary in lieu of three months' notice".

Rewriting the masculinity narrative

Destructive education conditions
We persist in giving priority to grammar school-type education for children who may be otherwise talented or motivated, but who have little aptitude for many of the existing subjects on the school curriculum. Pupils are forced to try for "passes" in order to be acknowledged as worthy future employees and citizens. Without other options, they also face the double whammy of having to make that attempt at "passes" as pupils in schools that consistently under-perform.

The demonisation of the black woman

Study: Indo-Trinis more prone to kidney stones
The study on healthcare costs logged all stone-related events at the San Fernando General Hospital for a month. It included emergency visits and admissions, outpatient visits and surgical procedures. Costs were calculated from figures obtained from the hospital's Costing Unit. It estimates that treating kidney stones costs the hospital $11,904,124.44 (US$1,750,606.50) annually.

Prominent Arima businessman passes away
Arima has lost a prominent member of its business community with the death of Kenwyn Allen, owner of Allen and Sons Funeral Home.

Allen, who was found unresponsive at his home yesterday, is believed to have suffered a massive heart attack.

From prisoner to scholar
After 15 years in jail for murder, Nicholas Khan begins new life

PoS gang war claims another life
Police reported that the deceased has been identified as 28-year-old Christian Sansavoir, of Duncan Street.

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