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SWRHA battles European hacker
Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

SWRHA battles European hacker to save its system
A Chinese national based in Europe has been identified as the hacker behind the cyberattack on the Southwest Regional Health Authority (SWRHA).

Sources at the authority yesterday revealed that the hacker had been demanding that the SWRHA pay over US$7 million in bitcoin cryptocurrency to regain access to its data after illegally accessing it.

Guardian Media's managing director has resigned
Hepburn Malcolm's resignation comes one week after the media arm of the ANSA McAL conglomerate recorded a $12.6 million loss for the nine months ended September 30.

This was almost double the loss that GML recorded for the comparative period last year.

Half A Life
Ali said, "What this woman was dealing with is not unusual. It shows us the level of poverty we are dealing with in Trinidad. The wrong people are ending up with grants. The society is messed up. Nobody cares. Everybody will talk about this case, we will grieve, and then in a few days, it will be forgotten."

Stop dealing with Israel
Groups write PM:

Venezuela stoking border issue
I have always maintained that it is Venezuela'sóand not Guyana'sórecent display of activist and aggressive unilateralism that has increased tensions on the border issue before the world court. Venezuela's position also disrespects and undermines the Office of the Secretary General of the UN.

Women in Calypso exhibition launched at Carnival Museum

Phillip to pay Panday almost $1M for defamation
The lawsuit was related to a live video which was posted on Alexander's personal Facebook page and one associated with the PEP on July 17, 2020.

Alexander commented on Panday's party reversing its decision to contest the 2020 general election.

Tobago maxi drivers cannot tell cruise ships when to berth
Cruise line agent Charles Carvalho:

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