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Expelled students may not re-enter public schools
Posted: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Minister: Expelled students may not re-enter public schools
Newsday had asked if, in general, a child could be admitted to another public secondary school after rehabilitation. The minister replied that it was not allowed.

She said, "Students are not readmitted to public schools after expulsion, but are still eligible to partake in all free training programmes offered by different arms of the Government...

"The issue of readmission would require a policy change which has not been considered at this time."

Public trust compromised
"INACCURATE and misleading reports can misinform and potentially damage public trust and also harm our company," said the Telecommunications Services of TT (TSTT) on Friday in a media release – its second in a week – in relation to the issues raised after an October 9 incursion into its systems by cyber attackers.

But the damage to public trust had already been done. And TSTT played no small role in that.

ECLAC's warning signs to Caribbean leaders
Caribbean governments and peoples need to heed the solid economic advice being offered by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). It is a sure means of the region being able to come out of the negative impact that COVID-19 has had, and the existential threat being posed by climate change.

Swept away to his death
Rambharat said the man is believed to be homeless and lived near the watercourse at Lawrence Park, Arima.

Trinidadians reflect on receiving Ifa/Orisa Chieftaincies in Nigeria

Students learn Spanish through culture at the Select Institute of Foreign Languages
The SIFL gave a presentation about the Dominican Republic at its headquarters, Princess Margaret Street, San Fernando on October 20.

Yorley Méndez, director of SIFL said the students participated in several activities that allowed them to learn about the Dominican Republic, its culture, traditions in the Spanish language.

No sweets, fried foods for pets this Divali, TTVA advises

Woman wins malicious prosecution case against State
A woman won her case against the State for malicious prosecution after she was charged in 2015 with drug and ammunition offences.

Marijuana at Maraval house
Police held the 37-year-old man, on Monday, for possession and cultivation of marijuana. Officers conducted an intelligence-led operation in the St Clair area, where constable Andrews executed a search warrant for arms and ammunition at a house in Boisserre, Maraval.

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