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Army Reserves called out
Posted: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Army Reserves called out to fight crime; PM: We will hunt and disarm perpetrators
President Christine Kangaloo has called out 100 members of the T&T Volunteer Defence Force to boost support for the T&T Police Service from October 30 until Carnival 2024.

Support for army callout
Chambers welcome initiative

Guyana seeks ICJ's protection: Help prevent Venezuela's December 3 referendum
For over a century, both countries have been at odds when it comes to which truly can claim the Essequibo region, which is rich in natural resources. It is currently controlled by Guyana.

Polygraph bill heads back to the House

Donít blame me
Fire chief on $1m ladder fiasco:

Promoting public trust
Procurement legislation brought enhanced transparency, systematic approach despite challenges...

No fireworks this year as Divali Nagar celebrates Mother Earth
He said 153 booths were reserved for the event, reflecting an encouraging uptick in corporate participation. Mangaroo emphasised the concerted effort dedicated to ensuring a successful nagar for all attendees.

Dolphins rescued at Store Bay Ė Bathers, lifeguards help beached animals return to sea
"There was a really big one, approximately 16 feet in length. I think that was the leader of the dolphins. The rest of them were between nine and ten feet.

"As a lifeguard/scuba diver, I have learnt that dolphins move together. So if the leader is not close to the rest of the dolphins, everyone will be searching for themselves. So I believe that was the biggest one."

Helen Bhagwansingh's funeral set for Sunday

More calls for protection of Hindu sacred spaces after another criminal act
Caretakers discovered the D'Abadie temple broken into on Monday morning, and its PA system, microphones, speaker boxes, gas tanks, an amplifier and bottled water missing. It is believed the incident occurred between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Helen Bhagwansingh's funeral set for Sunday

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