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Trinity Exploration confident
Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Trinity Exploration confident despite Jacobin setbacks

Sennon named NGC Above and Beyond honouree 2023
The Siparia based non-governmental organisation WHYfarm (We Help Youth Farm), is tackling food and nutrition insecurity, the ageing farmer population and declining interest in agriculture by using innovative and entertaining approaches to engage and educate young people.

'Shipping industry needs Govt support'
"Trinidad and Tobago is moving along, not as fast as we would like, as we are still behind the ball. We do have a single electronic window that is operational, not 100 per cent but getting there. We just need Customs to come on board fully. The Government also just implemented a Port Community System with a company called SOGET, both at the Port of Port-of-Spain and the Port of Point Lisas. And what that's supposed to do or should do is encourage more productive, more efficient business transactions as it pertains to the ports talking to the agents, to the shipping lines and so forth. This system is already implemented in Jamaica and has added some efficiencies," said Voisin.

Independent Senator calls for better vetting of persons entering the TTPS

Lutchmedial: Gov't creating single mother homes by denying access to bail!
She accused the Government of intellectual laziness, insisting that their only plan to treat with the explosive crime situation was to deny bail and blame the Opposition UNC for their lack of support in this area.

She said that persons are supposed to enjoy a reasonable right to bail and the presumption of innocence.

She accused the PNM Government of breaking up homes, by seeking to do this and keeping children from fathers who would be stuck in the prison system whether or not they were guilty of a crime.

The struggle against crime/gangs
ONE reader's response to my article, "Machismo, Trinidad Gang Culture", was that the successful approach employed to take the violence out of the steelband movement should also be utilised to reduce the current violence of the marginalised gang communities.

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