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RIC suggests 15-126% electricity hike
Posted: Friday, October 20, 2023

RIC suggests 15-126% electricity hike range
All customers of the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) may be faced with increases to their electricity bills come next year.

'Scandalous waste' of $55m
Govt terminates lease for office earmarked for DPP but never used...

HSF returns 7.5% in 2023
At the end of June 2023, the total net asset value of the HSF was US$5.525 billion; approximately US$144.9 million higher than the previous quarter's closing value of US$5.380 billion.

RIC recommends 15-64% increase in residential electricity rates
Based on the kWh consumption, at tier one, customers will pay a tariff of $0.28 per kWh (previously $0.26); at tier two, customers will pay $0.40 per kWh (previously $0.32); at tier three, $0.54 per kWh (previously $0.37); and at tier four, customers will pay $0.68 per kWh.

RIC recommendations for increased electricity rates announced

Business groups troubled by T&TEC rate hike plan
George said, "T&TEC is a proliferate waster of money. T&TEC has a history of wasting billions of dollars and yet still, you are going to impose a 15-64 per cent increase on domestic consumers."

He called on the government to intervene and prevent the RIC from implementing the increases.

TT Chamber urges gov't to review all decisions being taken and consider consumers

T&T Chamber: Consider low-income customers
Proposed increase in electricity rates

Padarath says new electricity rates will plunge citizens into darkness
The MP said while small businesses may find the commercial rates a bit favourable to them, he asked who was going to protect the consumer?

"Who is going to ensure that businesses who receive the reduction will still not pass on additional costs to customers?"

At the beginning of January 2023, the net asset value of US$5.139 billion.

Young warns against 'false' Dragon information
...UNC activist makes link to six-month licence

US lifts sanctions on Venezuela
The state department said the ban on trading in the primary Venezuelan bond market remains in place however as it believes this will "displace nefarious players" and result in negligible financial benefit to Venezuelan authorities.

Other sanctions and restrictions imposed by the US remain in place.

After children found living in squalid home...
Community saddened, MP heartbroken

Ex-ACP explains why he recreated scene of triple police killing
Police officers, tasked with investigating a group of their colleagues who shot and killed three friends from Moruga in Barrackpore in 2011, chose to recreate the scene of the crime before completing their probe.

67-year-old-man allegedly beaten in his home by 4 intruders
The victim told police that he heard strange noises coming from his home and went to investigate. He stumbled across four masked men in his home.

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