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Manning defends 65 retirement age
Posted: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Manning defends 65 retirement age
He said the birth rate in Trinidad and Tobago was 1.63 children per woman, "which means that we are not even replacing ourselves. Any birth rate below two means that our population is not growing and that we have a shrinking workforce which has to fund a growing pool of retirees," he said.

Minister: Government prioritising housing, development
Robinson-Regis said, "Between October 1 and December 31 of this year, the government is poised to construct and deliver approximately 567 new houses spread geographically throughout TT. Some of these are construction (projects) that had stalled and we have, because of the $1.5 billion loan guarantee that had been generated by the Minister of Finance (Colm Imbert), been able to start restart stalled projects and we are poised to begin new housing projects."

Hinds: $184m backpay for fire, prison officers
Hinds said the back pay was in line with Finance Minister Colm Imbert's announcement during his budget presentation, where he promised $1 billion in backpay for Christmas for 37,000 public employees whose unions had settled with the Chief Personnel Officer for a retroactive four per cent pay rise.

Webster-Roy: Most Judith Jones report recommendations implemented
The 2024 draft estimates for expenditure show that $100 million was allocated to the authority – a $32.5 million decrease from 2023.

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath said last time, government said further funding for the authority would be revisited in the middle of the fiscal year.

However, he said the authority had "been lamenting of the challenges they have with that particular approach..."

Webster-Roy said there "hasn't really been a decrease" as, again, mid-fiscal year, if more money is needed, it will be provided.

Hinds: Police to get 3,120 more body cams
The 2024 draft estimates say $67 million was allocated to the police service to purchase equipment.

But Hinds said these are not individually assigned but available for officers to use in their line of duty.

...but there's always room for improvement

Blue Food Festival honours pioneers to mark silver jubilee
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and assistant secretary in the Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation Megan Morrison presented awards to Casilda Charles; Ethlyn Chance; Denisha Kerr; Eldica Sharp, Jerry Chance; Reynold Chance and Barrington Nedd.

Remembering Brinsley

Alarm over road crash deaths
He said that for the year, law enforcement was battling a resurgence of "reckless and unnecessary risk-taking" by drivers and pedestrians on the roadways. Traffic law enforcement agencies, he added, have issued 85,225 traffic tickets to motorists for breaches of road traffic rules for the year so far.

Mother, friend of man found dead on Lady Chancellor: He never interfered with anyone
"When we had time we used to talk but this is my son, and at the end of the day, it's his life. I want the best for him but…I could only talk to him."

She said she refuses to judge her only son based on his lifestyle.

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