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La Brea businesses hit hard
Posted: Sunday, October 15, 2023

Price of progress: La Brea businesses hit hard as highway opens
On September 3, the 4km section of the highway between Grant's Road and Vance River opened. This cuts trips to San Fernando by 30-40 minutes.

Then, on Saturday, another section opened just before Guapo, going directly into Point Fortin at Dunlop Roundabout.

This means drivers no longer need to pass through villages like Cochrane and Gonzales to get to the heart of the borough.

Chief Secretary: Tobago carnival oversubscribed with expected Trinidad participants
As Tobago's October carnival enters its second year of existence, Chief Secretary Farley Augustine says the event has grown to the extent that its oversubscribed and it is not likely the island will meet the demand for people wanting to come from Trinidad for the upcoming carnival. Tobago Carnival takes place from October 27-29.

Daly Bread: Spaces for culture and the arts
I have reflected several times on the congenital inability of our (in Black Stalin's immortal phrase) "part-time lovers" of popular culture to appreciate sincerely the richness of what we have and to act decisively.

Noble: How Slavery still influences depressed wages, union-busting, and job insecurity
The depressed wages and the spectre of punishment hanging over the heads of our unskilled workers are expressions of this legacy. Union-busting practices and the moaning about the inability to pay a living wage come directly out of the arguments of Burnley in his discussion about the need for better living conditions for the enslaved.

Security experts: "Fix gaps at ports and in Customs now"
Security experts in Trinidad and Tobago say the time is now for the government to focus on the gaps in customs, to urgently address the illegal arms and ammunition coming into the country via legal ports.

Court rules in Clico's favour
... Insurer entitled to 44.97% of Angostura

Sustain-U offers new training platform
NGC, Methanex join forces

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