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$70m on private medical services
Posted: Sunday, October 8, 2023

Ministry spends $70m on private medical services
Under the Ministry's External Patient Programme (EPP), an average of 729 patients per month received treatment.

The ministry incurred a further expenditure of $14 million for the provision of cardiac services under the EPP.

Millions wasted on new police vehicles
From showroom to junkyard...

8 years after Imbert's promise, still no financial autonomy for Judiciary
The Judiciary's finances are currently managed by the Government, which Archie calls "those who control the purse strings."

In fact, Archie mentioned it again at the opening of the 2023/2024 law term on Friday as well as another major hurdle of being allowed full autonomy to hire specialised staff and offer competitive salaries.

5 years after Petrotrin's closure ... Still waiting to exhale in Pointe-a-Pierre, Claxton Bay

Govt to scrap 1967 national transport plan, new system in 6 months to help with gridlock

TUCO Celebrates Calypso History Month
the music will outlive us all

BBC Genome project full of Trinidad and Tobago treasures
Online now at, the BBC Genome project offers over ten million listings detailing decades of BBC television and radio programmes.

It's unclear how many survive in the BBC vaults, and many are lost forever. But over a quarter of a million can be immediately accessed, though there are some unfortunate gaps.

Woman vows not to return to T&T after brutal robbery in PoS
... Shoppers, vendors, businesses left uneasy

1,200 sexual offences reported in past 3 years
The number was even higher in 2021 with 366 reports and 372 reports in 2020, police figures indicated.

The statistics included reports of child abuse that involved hundreds of females and males.

Rio Claro suspect to be charged with Andrea's murder
A 27-year-old man of Old Mayaro Road, Rio Claro is expected to be charged for the double murder of Andrea Lallan, 13, and her uncle Sylvan Lallan which took place September 29, in Rio Claro.

He will face charges of attempted murder and possession of firearm and ammunition.

Murder accused on bail, masterminds Persad's family attack, killed by cops
Noel missed a High Court appearance on Wednesday, and his attorneys were unable to explain his absence, a senior officer said.

The fatal confrontation occurred around 12.20 p.m. when police officers of the Southern Police Division were conducting a roadblock exercise on the SS Erin Road, in the vicinity of Palmiste Park.

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