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28 oil, gas firms show interest
Posted: Friday, October 6, 2023

28 oil, gas firms show interest in Trinidad and Tobago's coastal waters
Minister of Energy Stuart Young expressed confidence in the 2023 shallow-water bid round launched on Monday, as several oil and gas companies showed interest in TT's oil and gas acreage.

Tobago October carnival allotted over $12.5m

Police: 13 out of every 100 murders solved
Snr Supt, Homicide, Rishi Singh says the unavailability of evidence is the major reason for the current 13 per cent solve rate for murders.

Criminologist: Government, Judiciary must react more quickly to crime

Duke tells Tobago: Murder should never be accepted as norm

Prisons chief: Model inmate Romel obeyed all the rules
Judge swayed by testimonies, frees killer after time served...

Help bring home my wife, twin boys
Father of 4 pleads after family stuck in Northern Cyprus:

15-year-old boys in car: Robo Cop's son shot
Police opened fire on three people in a car at Enterprise, Chgauanas, after they stopped the vehicle and a passenger allegedly "lowered in his seat and raised a black metal object with a rectangular piece projecting from the bottom".

Extortion caught on tape: Alleged gang leader seeks $30,000 from contractor
The gang leader is allegedly seeking some $30,000 a month from the contractor to ensure the protection of the site and safety of the workers. Alternatively, the gang leader is asking the contractor to hire his gang members.

Guard gunned down in Chaguanas - 400 unsolved killings in 2023

TTFS official: Extension cord failure caused fatal fire
The failure of an extension cord is believed to have ignited the fire that led to the death of one-year-old Harley Persad at her Endeavour, Chaguanas home on Wednesday.

The T&T Police Service (TTPS) yesterday said it was aware of the preliminary report suggesting an electrical fire as the cause, but noted officers were awaiting the final report from the T&T Fire Service (TTFS).

Pain for Harley's granddad
Baby's burnt crib, charred diaper in gutted bedroom...

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