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$1B Christmas backpay
Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

$1B Christmas backpay for 37,000 public servants
Imbert announced that some 37,000 public servants will get their backpay from negotiations by Christmas and an increase in minimum wage from $17.50 to $20.50 from January 2024.

$1B Christmas backpay for 37,000 public servants

Bumper $6.912b for crime fight
"At the top of our crime-fighting agenda is equipping law enforcement with state-of-the art tools. In addition, accelerated levels of police training improve police performance. We envisage that crime and public order would be effectively addressed within this framework, and public confidence in law enforcement would be appropriately enhanced," Imbert said.

Top ten budget takeaways
Minister of Finance Colm Imbert read the 2023/2024 budget in Parliament on Monday afternoon. Here are ten of the main takeaways from his four-hour-long presentation:

Kamla laments 'painful' budget
Persad-Bissessar also accused Imbert of "cherry-picking" and juggling fiscal statistics from previous years, so as to create a false sense of economic security for the public.

BYIsrael: Tobago budget allocation 'weapon against development'
THA Deputy Chief Secretary Dr Faith BYisrael described Tobago's $2.585 billion allocation in the 2024 budget as "a weapon against development for Tobago."

The THA had requested $4.54 billion from the central government.

Empty buckets outside Red House
Protesters come out...

Chambers support minimum wage increase
Several business chambers say they support the government's move to increase the minimum wage from $17.50 to $20.50 per hour in its 2023/24 budget.

Education Minister, teachers pleased with budget
The Education Ministry received an allocation of $8.022 billion, an increase of $569,000 over the 2023 allocation of $7.453 billion.

Thumbs up for agriculture programmes for youths
The Government allocated $1.442 billion to the agriculture sector for the financial year 2023-2024, representing an increase of $112 million compared to the previous allocation of $1.330 billion.

Increased incentive for mature, small oil fields
FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert yesterday proposed that the sustainability incentive for the Supplemental Petroleum Tax be increased from a discount of 20 per cent to a discount of 25 per cent for any mature marine or small marine oil fields.

Cops identify suspect in child's murder
Girl, 13, killed at home

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