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$732M on vehicle taxes
Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ordinary citizens spend $732M on vehicle taxes, duties from 2021-23
... while parliamentarians remain exempt

Integrity probe into ex-AG yet to end
3 years after complaint by Govt into multimillion-dollar ambulance contract...

NiQuan ordered to pay former VP $21 million
In a judgment delivered on Friday afternoon, Justice Westmin James ruled in favour of Small and awarded damages for breach of contract in the sum of $18,575,880.40; aggravated and exemplary damages in the sum of $1,116,273.00, interest at the rate of 2.5 per cent per annum from the date of the breach, November 30, 2021, to the date of judgment, thereafter statutory interest at the rate of five per cent per annum until payment as well as prescribed costs in the sum of $332,460.77.

NIB proposes rate increase to Govt to fund billion-dollar gap
The last rate increase was in September 2016 where the contribution rate moved from 12 per cent to 13.2 per cent and was based on the 9th Actuarial Review.

Trade unions meet with Opposition ahead of budget
Chief among the unions' recommendations are an increase in the minimum wage, a decrease in fuel prices, leaving the retirement age at 60 and forgoing the implementation of the property tax.

These are the demands which were first expressed during Labour Day celebrations. Then, JTUM's president Ancel Roget called for the minimum wage to be increased to $30 per hour from its current $17.50. However, UNC Senator Wade Mark said while both entities agreed on an increase, they held differing views on what that figure should be.

Budget jitters, families wary of fuel hike

Economist: Let multinationals pay property tax

China and Trinidad and Tobago: Joining hands to embrace a shared future

Are we producing winners or losers?
Education expert highlights challenges in school system...

Following publication of the 10th Actuarial Report, the following recommendations were made: Increase the contribution rate to 16.2 per cent, minimum pension should be frozen, and gradually increase the retirement age from 60 to 65.

Family, friends bid farewell to little Shazade and Damari
At the Williamsville funeral for Shazade Simon, three, who died on September 25, from deep vein thrombosis (blood clot which stopped her heart) caused by burns suffered, her family wore pink, her favourite colour, with her face printed on the front of their T-shirts.

At the La Brea Roman Catholic Church where a funeral service was held for Damari Jeffrey, five, who died by drowning at Fun Splash Water Park on September 24, the theme was blue. From the coffin to the T-shirts family members wore, with his cute face printed in the middle.

Mayaro MP hurt over murder of Rio Claro girl
He commented on the many homicides occurring across TT and other tragic incidents which continue to cause pain and trauma to victims' families.

US-trained educator to host dementia care workshops
"No one skill is going to work every single time with a person, so it's getting us as many tools so we can try and figure out what will work in a given situation, whether someone is not understanding us or not wanting to co-operate with us. The positive approach to care is us trying to figure out what the person's needs are with their limited communications skills as opposed to following our own agenda. We are looking at what their needs are at a particular time, what their habits used to be, doing things in a way that makes it smoother to care for them."

Who they fooling?
The record also shows how many times over a period of decades editorial writers in all the daily newspapers have pronounced on "the dangerous trend" of violent crime—Trinidad Guardian, July 1996. Two years before that, in July 1994, this newspaper asked: "what and where is the plan? All we get are excuses and complaints about the enormity of the problem". That editorial concluded: "what the country needs is an all-out attack on the criminal element which appears to be running wild in every direction".

Hunting season opens, ammo in short supply
Although the TT Police Service is independent of the government, several groups and an arms specialist, who spoke with Newsday, said they believe the issue of a shortage of ammunition supply to be politically influenced.

Cops probe four murders, police killing

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