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Economy growing
Posted: Saturday, September 30, 2023

Economy growing, inflation declining
Central Bank's 'repo' report:

Dead within hours
Schoolgirl, uncle shot after going to police...

Girl, 13, killed while asleep in bed days after reporting alleged sexual assault
While a motive is still under investigation, police confirmed that teenager Andrea Lallan and her father Eddy Lallan were recently threatened, after the teenager alleged she was raped by a couple.

Remote work policy coming
According to the Ministry of Public Administration, the multi-phased plan includes an audit of the current system, consultancies with stakeholders and a consistent evaluation of the progress in the development of the government policy.

Bad weather leaves million $$ damage

Chief Sec: Thanks to me, Dutch apologised for slavery
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine claims a virtual presentation he made recently in Flushing, Netherlands, prompted the first major apology for slavery from the Dutch people.

Tobago fishermen want answer on Barbados/Trinidad and Tobago flying fish dispute
Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago have been at loggerheads for years over flying fish stock. Within the past few decades, most of the fish have been migrating from Barbados which has claimed the species as its own to TT.

As a result, Barbadian fisherfolk have been venturing into TT waters to claim what they believe to be their stock.

Trinis safe as floodwaters swamp New York
Early yesterday morning, heavy rains and winds lashed New York City, dumping as much as seven inches of rainfall in some areas and resulting in flooding in several boroughs.

Pastor laments 'dark day' at funeral of Peterkin siblings
Faith Peterkin, 10; Arianna Peterkin, 14; Shain Peterkin, 17; and Tiffany Peterkin, 19, were gunned down around midnight as they slept at home with their relatives.

'Don't harm the little ones'
Emotional farewell for murdered Guanapo siblings...

2 held after TT$1.3M in ganja seized in Chaguaramas
Officers from the division, along with the Coastal, Riverine and Air Support Units, were on patrol around 10 am in the Chaguaramas district when they observed a white pirogue docked close to the shoreline.

No bail for man charged with sex assault on grandkids, 11, 12
A 62-year-old man was yesterday remanded into custody after appearing virtually before a San Fernando magistrate, charged with three counts of sexual touching and one count of sexual penetration against his 11- and 12-year-old granddaughters respectively.

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