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'Procurement glitches'
Posted: Saturday, September 23, 2023

'Procurement glitches': UNC-led corporations warn of service shutdown
UNITED National Congress (UNC)-led regional corporations have warned that some services may soon shut down unless the Government addresses procurement glitches that hinder access to resources.

Government's "bad decision" to shutdown Petrotrin has led to lack of forex Roget

Roget: Forex shortage, credit-card limitations because of Petrotrin closure
He said Petrotrin was an economic hub around which the rest of the economy revolved. Roget said the Petrotrin refinery, which was rendered defunct by Government in 2018, brought in between US$4 billion and US$5 billion in foreign exchange.

"That no longer comes to our economy with the closure of Petrotrin and the shutting down of the refinery. So this country is losing billions of dollars in foreign exchange as a result of bad government policy."

Unions' budget wish list: Leave pension alone
OILFIELD Workers Trade Union (OWTU) president general Ancel Roget has called for Government to "back off" on raising the retirement age.

NGC to get gas from Manatee
Shell signs new supply agreement...

Hinds troubled by Arima quadruple murders
A tragic state of affairs

'They killed my children for nothing'
Losing 3 daughters and son, Arima mom recounts night of horror...

Guanapo residents flee after siblings' murders
Family calls for justice


TTMA troubled by port delays affecting trade
TTMA president Roger Roach said manufacturers have experienced abnormally long customs delays, with a two-three-week customs appointment time at some bonds and transit sheds to examine cargo.

Prisons Association head: Maximum security issues must be fixed
"The facility has not been maintained over the years as it should have been. You have a number of major systems failing which is compromising the safety of not only officers but inmates. When you talk about over 1,500 souls in a facility that and continues to this day, still has no true functioning alarm, you have issues surrounding communications, air-conditioning units, and other problems," Gordon explained.

National Philharmonic Orchestra thrills with Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela music

Abducted teen rescued, 3 suspects held
Relatives said she had just returned from school on Thursday and was sitting outside when a blue vehicle stopped in front he house with the driver, two males and one female inside.

The driver, accompanied by a female, proceeded to where Priya was sitting and relatives then heard a commotion. They said when they looked outside, they saw Priya being forced into the vehicle back seat before the driver sped off. A report was immediately made to the police.

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