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Online shopping fuelling forex challenge
Posted: Monday, September 18, 2023

Imbert: Online shopping fuelling forex challenge
So in an attempt to confront this issue head-on, Imbert has announced plans to meet with key foreign exchange stakeholders in the country soon.

Imbert wants to talk about forex woes
Businesses concerned about Christmas activity

Opposition MP: Government to blame for forex shortage
"This Government has failed to attract a sustained inflow of foreign investment to Trinidad and Tobago," Tancoo said.

Tancoo blames Government for credit card crunch

Show me your crime plans
PM reaches out to Opposition:

PM writes to Kamla on anti-crime talks session; UNC wants Griffith on its team

Environmentalists, lawyers call for ocean ecocide laws
"We extract half the world's weight in fish annually and we put nothing back. Ten nations are responsible for 90 per cent of that catch, but their practices are mostly illegal. Fishing capacity has increased exponentially over the last 30 years. Fishes have nowhere to rest, reproduce or respite. They are being exterminated to the last of their species."

My bi-solar disorder
In the last 20 years I've been in and out of almost every local psych ward and rehab centre, and came out as being bipolar in 2020 after the ¬incident at the Black Lives Matter protest where the policeman's hat was removed from his head.

Trinidad and Tobago, let's talk about mental illness.

Newsday's Ayana Huggins tells of living with lupus
For over 15 years, the advertising clerk has been living with lupus – an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation that can affect the skin, joints, heart, lung, kidneys, circulating blood cells, and brain. Lupus occurs when the immune system, which normally helps protect the body from infection and disease, attacks its own tissues.

SRP fatally shot in Curepe
According to police reports, at about 8 p.m., Kublalsingh was with a relative outside of Woodford Street in Curepe, when they were confronted by a gunman.

The suspect pulled out a firearm, announced a hold-up, and attempted to relieve Kublalsingh and his relative of their cash, as well as the keys to a silver Toyota Fielder Wagon.

Cop killed in ambush outside mini-mart, gun stolen

Man hacked to death by mentally-ill relative
A Freeport mother, whose husband was hacked to death by a mentally-ill relative, believes the incident could have been avoided had police and emergency health services acted and took the relative away.

Relative: Death of Freeport man ends abuse for wife

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