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Govt spends $1.5B for 5 inter-island vessels
Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Govt spends $1.5B for 5 inter-island vessels in 20 years
Many Tobagonian stakeholders believe that seabridge issues, which they believe have continued for too long, have denied Tobago a legitimate chance of developing its economy.

Business owners said they are now forced to import goods and services in lower quantities and at higher costs. Some estimated a 100 per cent increase in transportation costs.

46 deported migrants return
Lawyers write top cop to probe 'illegal' action by Hinds...

US President names Caribbean countries among major drug transit or major illicit drug producing countries

South Korea's Yoon warns against Russia-North Korea military cooperation and plans to discuss at UN

Headache for farmers
At poultry pens across the country, chickens are dying due to heat stress, while cattle farmers a reporting that their animals are now "skin and bones" because they are not getting the quality and quantity of grass they need to grow.

HEAT IN D PLACE! Met Office: Brace for two scorching weeks to come
It warned that there is an 80 per cent probability that temperatures near 34 degrees Celsius (C) or greater would be felt across Trinidad with conditions in Tobago near 32.5 C or greater.

It said "feel-like temperatures" will likely to range between 34 C and 44 C with the highest of these temperatures to be felt between 10 am and 4 pm.

More heat, less rain in September

ECA examining minimum wage issue

Republic Bank (RBL) credit card customers up in arms following 50% cut in maximum US dollar spending limit per billing cycle
In an email notice to its customers, which was reproduced on its website, RBL advised that the US-dollar credit card limit would be reduced from US$10,000 to US$5,000 effective September 21, 2023. The reason for the reduction in the US-dollar credit card limit, which is until further notice, was not provided in the company's communications to customers.

NCRHA reaps what it sows
"The move, thus far, has seen tremendously positive results. Not only has it encouraged community and camaraderie amongst staff, and enhanced levels of respect and care for biodiversity and our connection with the environment; the project has been an empowering signpost to members of the public in highlighting the importance of growing your own food and making healthier food choices," Thomas said.

Stolen by Alzheimer's A daughter's story
Absolutely nothing prepared my family and me for the moment when we had to acknowledge that the mind of our best friend would be forever stolen from us.

Marinna Shareef's Bipolar World ... The God of Mania
"(Mental health) is as prevalent and important as a physical illness, and we should treat it as such. And I think, especially, we see it in our elders as they get older when they have mental issues. They would say, 'No, I don't need anxiety medication; why I need that for?' But they do. When we have paintings and talk about mental health more, it'll become less stigmatised, and maybe people will feel better about having these options."

Shareef's solo exhibition proves her candour, she refuses to hide and invites the public to witness the struggles of those rejected and misunderstood by society.

No leads after air, land, sea search for Penal businesswoman
Adsett, 62, a businesswoman of Suchit Trace, Penal, was last seen on September 11, cleaning the front of her property which housed her residence and business place Christina's Foot Spa. She was last seen dressed in a pair of brown pants and a yellow T-shirt.

Kadijah Ameen : "The police need to do their jobs" as intruder killed by home owner in St Augustine
The 63-year-old FUL holder defended himself when the deceased and two others entered his home.

PH driver among 4 killed over last 24 hours
A PH taxi driver, who had reportedly received death threats, was gunned down at the entrance to Prize Plaza, Chaguanas on Friday night.

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