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Posted: Sunday, September 3, 2023

Arima Hospital workers shaken and in fear following shocking murder of colleague

Drug dealers spread terror in coastal communities
Special Report: The Lost Cocaine Shipment

Criminologist: New age criminals a challenge for police

Europeans interested in Dragon Gas Field
As T&T and Venezuela have been tight-lipped over details, Monaldi said he is not sure where in the negotiations both sides have reached but Tuesday’s meeting shows that the gas negotiations are "on the agenda" for both countries.

Economist looks at T&T at 61

Pricesmart workers settle for 10 % wage hike
IN the past three weeks the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) has signed off on collective agreements for workers at Yara Trinidad Ltd, Damus Ltd, Trintoc Penal Credit Union, Bristow Trinidad Ltd and Pricesmart Ltd, the union said in a statement on Friday.

A tribute to Michael Anthony's best kept secret
Not much is known of Michael Anthony's outstanding work covering the early history of electricity in TT and the impact of the sector on the country's overall growth and development.

Citizens interested in tracing the origins of the socio-economic, industrial, commercial and cultural development of TT will give credit to recently deceased unflinching patriot who, in the book entitled "Electricity in Trinidad and Tobago (1895-2006)," gave a vivid account of the early period between 1895 to 1945, the stage prior to the establishment of the TT Electricity Commission in 1946.

Paray: Name Mayaro Library for Anthony

Songwriter remembers 'the remarkable life and legacy' of Denyse Plummer
Mark Loquan, award-winning music composer, songwriter, filmmaker and president of The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC), worked with Denyse on seven songs, two of which made it to the Panorama finals - "Identity" (2003) and "Frenzy" (2005).

From toilet paper to flowers at her feet
Denyse never shied away from talking about the skeletons in her closet. In fact, in that 2019 interview, she urged anyone curious about her life story to get a copy of her 2015 autobiography The Crossover, saying everything from her relationship with her parents to the day she lost her virginity is documented within its pages.

NACC lauds tenacity, resilience of Denyse Plummer

Tributes continue to pour in for 'Darling Denyse'
—Patsy Calliste, wife of the late icon Leroy Calliste: "Denyse Plummer was a person unchanged offstage and onstage. She was the same person. When she came offstage, we would talk. She was fond of Black Stalin. She loved his songs. She was very fond of him and my family. We grew close to the calypso. My favourite song was 'Nah Leaving'. The year when she was painted with toilet paper, she swore she would finish singing. After all was said and done, and when we were leaving the park, he walked over and spoke to her. He told her you can't leave now. And she went on to sing 'Nah Leavin'. My girlfriend Joanie was the leader of the toilet paper (brigade) and she would be having fun with them. That day when she got the 'crowning in Skinner Park', she was not there. She left for the early part of the show. The next day the headlines said 'Joanie and her posse pelted Denyse Plummer'.

The life and times of Denyse Plummer

Denyse Plummer: a professional presence

Ravi B wants Chutney Soca recognition at Caribbean Music Awards

Alzheimer's Association head: Dementia not to be feared
One woman said, "Just remember that person is not willingly being difficult; they are not willingly making things complicated; they're not willingly getting up in arms. This is the change in their brain."

Family, friends pay tribute: Denis Solomon, larger than life
His daughters Elizabeth and Juliet Solomon told Sunday Newsday he "passed away of fed-up-ness," as he resented his loss of mobility and independence through age and illness. Elizabeth is married to Attorney General Reginald Armour SC.

Venezuelan feud ends in murder in Princes Town
A feud which is believed to have started in neighbouring Venezuela some time ago ended in murder in Princes Town on Saturday when a Venezuelan was murdered by Spanish-speaking men.

Crime suspect takes refuge in T&T
...Norwegian cops arrest 59-year-old in Chaguaramas waters

Toco woman pleads for help: Pirates took my son
A Toco woman is pleading for her son's life after he and another man were reportedly taken by Venezuelan pirates a week ago after he left on a fishing expedition off the northeastern coast.

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