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CoP's boast on Independence Day
Posted: Friday, September 1, 2023

CoP's boast on Independence Day: MURDER RATE SAME AS LAST YEAR'S
COMMISSIONER of police Erla Harewood-Christoper boasted of a ten per cent decrease in murders over the last few months, which, in effect, brought the murder rate down to 392 for the year, the same as the murder rate for the corresponding period last year.

PM encouraged by report of drop in rate of homicides and serious crimes

TTPS will not be intimidated
Top cop slams detractors and naysayers:

A very, very dangerous challenge
PM on police raid of 3D-printing gun factory in Central:

PM sees 'light at the end of tunnel' in crime fight

PM urges citizens: Help build your country
"Some citizens have been complaining, for some time, that they feel far removed from 'the Government' and, overall, they hold a sense of being remote and excluded."

He said legislators must now acknowledge the many citizens who feel marginalised and alienated, seeing their lives as having little value to the majority.

"We need to reach out to them by giving them hope and the very real prospects of a better tomorrow.

Kamla 'nah leaving' as UNC leader; feels sorry for Marsha Walker

More resignations in the UNC; Marsha wades into Kamla

Criminologist fears murder count could surpass 600... again
Criminologist Professor Emeritus Ramesh Deosaran said the overall danger in the escalation of murders and serious crimes is that such criminogenic incidents will gradually become 'normalised' in the next few years.

He said if nothing systematic and sustainable is done the country will adjust and learn how to live with it.

Hot sun, large turnout for Independence Day parade
Amidst the fun and excitement of yesterday's Independence Day parade, the occasion was also an historic one as it marked the first parade inspection for President Christine Kangaloo and the first time the procession was commanded by a female military officer.

While 2022 was the first year the parade was held since the COVID-19 pandemic in T&T, several spectators and parade officials believed the turnout was much bigger this year.

Free to fly
The time also could not be worse for the State, which has this year hiked airbridge fees by 33 per cent, eliminated free travel for senior citizens and raised ferry fees by 50 per cent, so that the highest ferry ticket is not that different from what it used to cost to take a Tobago flight on Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL).

Even with these increased fares, the fuel subsidy for the sea- and airbridge is still an estimated $220 million. So citizens are paying more and paying twice.

Moonilal tells Young: Account for the firearm
He said, "This is something that we will continue to call on Minister Young to please indicate to the national interest and the public interest, the circumstances under which he returned a high-powered weapon to the TTPS (TT Police Service).

Moonilal threatened to go on a political platform and disclose information the UNC had on this matter.

Ganja, over $1m found in apartment vendor, wife in custody

2nd Peters Ave man slain
This was the second homi­cide in the vicinity of Peters Avenue over a 24-hour period, as a result of which the police are expected to increase patrols in the community.

Police believe the two incidents are connected.

On Tuesday night, Randy Peters, also of Peters Avenue, was shot dead on the roadway near his home. No one has been held in connection with this killing.

Roberts' death has pushed the 2023 murder toll to 392.

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