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Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2023

TROUBLE IN SCORPION ALLEY – six killed by gunmen in 3 weeks
A senior investigator said the police believed the murders were gang-related. They said the murders were of great concern to the police but they would not reveal information to the public so that suspects could not prepare themselves for eventual interception.

2 brothers gunned down in Carenage

PNM wins eight of nine recounts
... Tie in Lengua/Indian Walk district

Analysts: Rowley-led PNM will struggle in 2025 polls
"The PNM with a new leader going into 2025 will be a formidable force. The PNM going into 2025 with Dr Rowley again as the leader will have some challenges for many of the PNM supporters. They sent a message on Monday, and I think Dr Rowley may want to consider—he's brought the party this far, he may want to be able to carry the party close enough to the election where they can find a new leader and then let the party go into a campaign with a new leader that will clearly make them stronger and put pressure on the UNC," Ghany said.

Corneal plots way forward for youth teams

Businessman Balliram is new Arima Mayor

Whistleblower now alleges Farley coerced him to lie
Chief Secretary denies it, claims political mischief

'Creating mischief and distraction'
Audio clip surfaces; Farley denies forcing 'whistleblower' to confess...

Nabdell, bringing healthier foods to your tables
The Piparo-based company sources all its ingredients locally. Solomon said they even have their own little plantation where they grow their own vegetables. But once demand outweighs the plantation, they outsource within the community and from wholesale farmers when needed.

Mom, ailing son get help, but still need building materials
Lisa Rampersad assists her son Aaron Hamid who suffers from Hemophilia, a rare blood disorder onto his bed at their North Trace, Hindustan Road home, Tableland, last week.

San Fernando cops seek 4 bandits after home invasion
Southern Division police are searching for four men who broke into a house in San Fernando on Tuesday night and robbed the Venezuelan occupants of cash.

Despite a prompt response by the police, the men escaped.

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