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Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2023

Migrants detained at Heliport sent back to Venezuela

97 Venezuelans deported after week of court battles

Deportation of 100 Venezuelans begins, 45 taken from heliport to board vessel at Staubles Bay

Minimum wage hike is justified, but can't be excessive
Arjoon said, "An increase to the minimum wage is warranted especially given the dramatic increase in the cost of living in the last few years. In the last five years, prices increased by approximately 15 per cent, with food prices increasing by 27 per cent. The intention behind any increase in the minimum wage is to improve the purchasing power for those in the low-income brackets, their overall quality of life and help combat poverty. It is also intended to stimulate further economic activity in the private sector from additional spending, given that those in the lower income bracket will have higher disposable income."

He however noted that if the increase is too high, there could be a negative effect on the economy.

Imbert: Over 33,000 to get tax refunds by next week
Minister of Finance Colm Imbert has authorised the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) to pay all individual tax refunds of up to $20,000 or less.

280 students awarded national bursaries
The Ministry of Education said these bursaries, an investment of TT$24,289,179, will cover tuition fees and other allowances for candidates for fiscal 2023/2024.

In 2020, the Ministry implemented the new Scholarships and Bursaries programme which increased the number of opportunities for government funded tertiary education from 400 to 600.

Make commission effective or scrap it
Former chairman: Govt should have acted on Integrity recommendations to avoid current 'mess'...

Integrity Commission sends 30 cases to DPP
Chairman talks about challenge to be independent

Alliances abound for LGE 2023
According to the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) there are ten political parties competing in the LGE, with 367 candidates competing in the electoral areas.

EBC to investigate UNC special voter concerns

'They need to bring back Mayaro'
Residents 'basically satisfied', but still lament road conditions, water supply, business slowdown...

PNM Supporters Told Dont Take Monday's LGE Lightly

Steelpan in schools, abroad: stakeholders vow to support national instrument
Sennon praised the hard work of many pioneers in the pan fraternity, like Anthony Williams, Bertie Marshall, Elliott "Ellie" Mannette, and Rudolph Charles. He envisioned them "smiling in their graves" as TT and the world commemorate World Steelpan Day.

President celebrates steelpan in Siparia

Hundreds attend inaugural World Steelpan Day celebrations in Port-of-Spain

The deeply rooted politics of black hair
August is an important month in T&T, a month flanked by the celebrations of our Emancipation and Independence. It is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come from the structural oppressions of enslavement and colonization, and how far we have left to go.

Some instances in T&T should offer up fodder for extra reflection, as they indicate that the work to release ourselves from the European ideals that were foisted upon us is not nearly finished.

Ramleela goes to SAPA

Family of suspected bandit killed in bar robbery want answers
She added: "Because everybody is saying all kinds of things, but I don't see what they see and the children don't always show things in front of their parents. You might not see me rolling on the ground, jumping and bawling, but it's hurting me. If he used to do this (crime), I never had any knowledge of this, so people will say all kind of things but I know what to believe. I don't know him to be that kind of person but I will not put my head on a block because I don't know what happened... or what was going through his mind that made him do what he did, if he did it."

Meth lab dismantled, Chinese national arrested

Barataria mom shot dead in front daughter
Gunmen storm home, asking for son...

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