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Blows for Integrity Commission
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2023

'I will sue till the ends of the earth'

'I STUCK TO THE LAW' PM defends filings to Integrity Commission

UNC raises another query over PM's townhouse purchase

Moonilal: We not sending in no blasted Form B

High Court judge rules State can deport Heliport detainees
Attorney Blaine Sobrian, who is representing the migrants, explained that Moosai's judgment essentially meant there was now no order in place that the persons detained at the Heliport must be released on orders of supervision.

Sobrian said, "The orders of deportation have essentially been reinstated, as there was no longer an order constraining the Minister from effecting those deportation orders. Therefore, those persons remaining, may be subject to the deportation by the Minister of National Security."

...PM: FUL authorisation process needs to be reviewed
"What we have experienced demands that that be reviewed because it had been abused to the extent where the Firearms Unit in the Police Service had to be literally shut down," he said.

Jack ready to 'jam' Rowley over claims of extradition deal

Ex-Caroni workers pray, protest for land
The leaders of the Reunited Farmers Alliance (RFA) and People's Empowerment Party (PEP), together with ex-Caroni (1975) Ltd workers, farmers and other supporters, gathered outside the Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Ministry to protest and renew calls for the Government to distribute lands owed.

Caribbean mother/daughter make historic journey to space
The exciting journey which was live-streamed from beginning to end allowed the world to view the passengers from inside the spacecraft as it reached a maximum altitude of nearly 55 miles nearly five miles above the 50-mile altitude NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration recognise as the "boundary" of space.

Pan melodies unite hearts globally

Nunez-Tesheira resigns from PNM

Analysts: UNC/NTA alliance's August 14 impact uncertain
In the case of the UNC/NTA, Ramsamooj said, "All of those three leaders (UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, NTA leader Gary Griffith and Warner) orginated in some form or fashion from the UNC."

He added this was a case of "UNC blue, UNC yellow and UNC green."

Historian: 'Stand your ground' law could reinforce colonial stereotypes
Teelucksingh referred to a recent study by the US Center on Public Safety and Justice at the University of Chicago which examined thousands of cases relating to these laws and concluded they promote violence.

A BBC article in April also cited the study, saying that statistics showed states with 'stand your ground' laws saw a rise in homicides by ten per cent or higher.

The centre's director John Roman produced a study examining 53,019 cases involving the laws. The BBC quoted Roman as saying the laws also "tragically" increased racial disparities in the US criminal justice system.

Enterprise backs Kamla's 'stand your ground'

Armed bar patron kills bandit, wounds another in Maloney
One of the bandits was identified as Kerdell Wint, 18, who died at the scene.

The second bandit was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he remained up to Thursday morning.

Fiery protests over police raid
Tensions escalated in Bayshore, Marabella earlier today as a fiery protest broke out in the wake of a police raid.

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