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Posted: Thursday, August 3, 2023

Senior cop on killing of intruder: DEFEND YOURSELF WITHIN THE LAW

DCP tells citizens: Defend yourselves but within the law
"What people must be aware of is law. Self-defence must be met with the threat against them, and an investigation will tend to demonstrate if someone may have gone over that threshold. Even if an investigation might have led that perception to prevail, there is still a court of law that would eventually deal with that aspect," he said.

Kamla under fire for 'empty the clip' comments
In promoting the United National Congress' (UNC) proposed "stand your ground" laws along with easier access to legal firearms, the Opposition Leader in Chaguanas on Monday evening went a bit further than she usually does on this topic and envisioned a UNC-led future where lawful firearm holders can "empty the whole clip" on intruders in your homes as she believes it is time to "fight fire with fire".

Almost immediately that part of her speech was posted on various social media platforms with comments ranging from, "I didn't know Aunty Kams does lime on the block", to, "Did Kamla really say that?!" Some even pledged their support in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

PM: 'Lighting up' not the answer
'Reckless' statement from Opposition Leader...

Ex-CoP Griffith backs Kamla's call to 'light up criminals'

Criminologist chastises UNC leader's 'elitist' call
Daurius Figueira responded to Persad-Bissessar's statement during an interview with Guardian Media yesterday.

"How many of us have clips to empty? The only clips I have are hair clips. How many of us have clips to empty? So that is an elitist position," he exclaimed.

Gary shouts at golfing PM
Former police commissioner Gary Griffith confronted Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the Moka golf course on Saturday and told him to his face that he was a "failure" who was busy golfing four times a week when the country is in distress.

PM: UK never replied to my call for reparations
Rowley said at the time of his visit to Barbados when it became a republic, he had noted royals attempting to apologise and take some responsibility for a bit of their history, namely slavery. He said he had then written to King Charles and the British prime minister to tell them Caricom has a committee on reparations, having reckoned it was "a good time" to do. The crowd cheered.

Asante King sounds warning –'Freedom to wallow in poverty is not emancipation'

Passage to Africa: Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana seek to strengthen trade ties

Royal entourage asks CAL hard questions: Why no direct air route to Africa?
CARIBBEAN Airlines (CAL) officials were on the end of a royal tongue-lashing on Monday as they tried to explain to local businesses and the Ghanaian delegation accompanying Asante King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, why there is no direct air route from the Caribbean to African states.

Migrants vow to continue hunger strike
Most of the detainees were arrested on July 9 following a raid at a bar in St James where they were attending a party. Initially, there were 143 of them, however, about 20 of them have since been released.

Offshore incident still under probe: Woodside bids for safe return to work

Indian musical play at SAPA
From the makers of Aagman, Trinidad and Tobago's first local Indian feature film, comes Raja Chauhan - a live East Indian musical play that will feature its own original soundtrack.

The musical is produced by Parsan Productions, a team whose aim is to preserve and promote authentic East Indian culture through film, theatre and music.

Search for Omari resumes
The search for nine-year-old Omari Providence ­is ongoing. Up to 11a.m young Omari had not been ­located. He disappeared while bathing in the waters off Mission Bay, Toco, on Sunday afternoon.

Woman found dead in Carenage drowned, strangled, beaten in the head—autopsy
The semi-nude body of Lianne Slater was found in a river at L'Anse Mitan Road, Carenage around 7.20 am.

Police said they were awaiting the results of DNA samples given by a man who they said was not an official suspect but surrendered to police after "his name was called" in relation to Slater's death.

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