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Mark out spaces for the African
Posted: Saturday, July 29, 2023

Mark out spaces for the African
Although people of African heritage are everywhere in our society, in many respects they are invisible.

ESCTT chair: We're only halfway through emancipation process
"I always feel compelled to remind us we were enslaved for 400-500 years and we are now only celebrating 185 years of Emancipation."

She said generations after this were going to continue the Emancipation struggle that was going to make it easier for them as the ancestors did for the current generation.

Ministry disburses over $700,000 in Emergency Shelter Relief Grants
Grants distributed ranged in value from $15,000.00 to a maximum of $25,000.00.

Work begins on Manzanilla Mayaro Road
Work had begun on the five kilometres of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road which was damaged during heavy rainfall last November. Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said the work should be completed in the next five months at a cost of $7 million.

History around us
While in some countries there are active movements to sanitise history, as seen by ongoing efforts in Florida, US, to spin the wrongs of slavery, this country sometimes seems to inadvertently glorify colonial rule. It took almost four years for an activist group to change a sign at Lopinot even though all the relevant parties agreed it should be changed.

Study: 60% of surveyed public servants think: MENTAL HEALTH NOT PRIORITY FOR BOSSES
MANY public servants do not think their managers and employers consider their mental health to be of great importance.

This was revealed by a survey of 1,207 public service workers done by the Personnel Office of the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO).

T&T needs political code of ethics

Four Pt Lisas plants shut down after safety incident at Woodside Energy
Four plants on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate have been shut down following a safety incident at an offshore production facility operated by Woodside Energy. The incident has caused wholly state-owned National Gas Company (NGC) to be extra cautious in how it allocates natural gas to plants on the estate, industry sources said.

Energy Minister: Technical issue shuts down major natural gas supplier

Dragon deal not dead, but it cannot be main focus
Energy analysts on PM's comments

Prisoner to get compensationfor death-row stay

Gary Griffith wins yet another court case against a social media blogger
It's another win for Gary Griffith in the courts, as the political leader of the National Transformation Alliance (NTA) has won his matter against a social media blogger.

Indigenous Court cancels coronation of 'Prince of Moruga'
Earlier this week, members of the local indigenous community raised several concerns with the process used to elect 38-year-old Lewis, who is known as the "Prince of Moruga".

Head of the Partners for First Peoples Development Roger Belix contended that there was no consultation on the matter and questioned the motive behind the move.

Woman's charred remains found in outhouse
The partial remains of the 20-year-old were found face-down in the outhouse at the back of her home at Clovis Trace, Morne Coco Road, around 3.45 pm that day. The gruesome discovery was made by officers who were responding to a missing person's report.

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